Happening now: SCNL2023-2028 Strategic Planning Workshop

 (March 31-April 2023) held in Torsor, RobertSport, Grand Cape Mount County.

PURPOSE: Collaborate to develop SCNL’s strategic plan to help position it with confidence and focus over the next five years. Outcomes: Future focus areas of the organization are agreed upon.

Supporting goals, strategies, and actions are identified.

Strong ownership of the plan is in place.

WORKSHOP OBJECTIVES: DAY 1: Looking back and analyzing the context incl external analysis.

 OBJECTIVE FOR DAY 1. Celebrate success and learn from the last strategy. Reflecting upon the growth and success of SCNL – and establishing what this means for the new strategic plan. 3. Reviewing and or Reaffirm/Clarify the Mission, Vision, and Values of SCNL 4. Analyzing strengths, weaknesses, current opportunities, and threats for SCNL via conducting a SWOT Analysis, PEST/ PESTLE Analysis, and Stakeholders Analysis to inform the strategic plan.

 DAY 2: Objective setting and Action planning Objectives for day 2: 1. Develop strategic themes and objectives for the Strategic plan. 2. To start action planning processes for priority objective(s) and key performance indicators (KPIs) for assessing impact – how will we know if we have been successful? 3. Identify & describe implications of the strategy:  Risks, Assumptions & Impediments for the new strategic plan. Implications for current programs – stop, improve, start.  Implications for the organization – e.g., structure, staffing, capacity building, operational coverage/areas. Implications for funding and resources 4. Deciding next steps and roles for SCNL secretariat and the Board of Directors.