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Green Livelihood Alliance (GLA) Project

The Green livelihood Project (GLA) is an initiative in the Sinoe landscape, 5km radius around the Sapo National Park. This project has been running since 2016 and has over 200 beneficiaries across 8 communities namely: Jalay, Fornoh, Cheluew, Geelor, Shadee, Chebioh, Korjayee, and Bilibokree.  We work with community members through establish groups called Site support Groups (SSGs). The Objective of this project is to help conserve the Sapo National Park and help FDA provide alternative livelihood programs for affected communities. In keeping to these objectives, we have these groups (SSGs) established throughout the 8 communities. There has been several Advocacy Training with the leadership and members of these groups across the 8 communities which over the time resulted in community members engaging the Madra logging Company for use of community land that isn’t in their area of operation, and madra was told to halt their operation until such issue was handle.

The project developed a two years business development plan for the communities, and the SSGs of these 8 communities have been trained in sustainable cassava and rice faming/production, and these SSGs have cassava and rice demonstration sites across the communities. The project provided a cassava mill inclusive of (cassava compressor, and patching pan) for tons of gari processing and other value-added products for cassava, and also donated a mini rice mill for communities who were engaged into the lowland rice production. Two mini local buildings/structures were constructed as processing facilities to safe keep the machines and provide storage for the raw and processed goods/items. Two committees from each cluster were trained to managed the affairs of the facilities as well as maintain the machines. These two facilities are actively been used, and effectively managed.