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Our organization is involved in numerous conservation projects and programs

forest conservation
  • Community Forestry such as the GolaMa Project
  • Establish Community Forest Management Agreements (CFMAs) and financial sustainability business plans
advocacy & education
  • Advocacy for the establishment of a network of protected areas
  • Education of young people about environmental issues, with an emphasis on birds.
protection of wildlife
  • Implementation of alternative livelihoods projects around protected areas and those proposed for protection. E.g. the Green Livelihood Alliance Project
  • Ensure forest communities are benefiting from new, sustainable, alternative income generating activities under CFMAs while contributing to forest protection
  • Reduce bushmeat hunting/trading of protected species in the project area
  • Establishment of data bases for species, habitats and threats at Important Bird Areas (IBAs).
artisanal mining regulations
  • Establish self-regulated sustainable artisanal mining practices
carbon trading promotion
  • Determine the potential of carbon trading to provide sustained finance
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