Gola Forest
The Gola Forest is a home to many wildlife including Hippo, Chimpanzee and Duiker.
Butterflies play a major role in the biodiversity of Liberia
Birds of Liberia
There are over 5,000 recorded species of birds in Liberia

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Advocacy for the establishment of a network of protected areas Establishment of data bases for species, habitats and threats at Important Bird Areas (IBAs)


Awareness raising about biodiversity, conservation, climate change, REDD+, carbon financing and many other topics

Connecting people

Connecting forest and people, the GolaMA Project is a partnership between forest communities, the Government of Liberia and the international conservation community

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The GolaMA Forest area to support many globally threatened mammals, including Forest Elephant, Pygmy Hippopotamus, Jentink’s Duiker, Zebra Duiker, Liberian Mongoose, Diana Monkey, Sooty Mangabey, Western Red Colobus and Western Chimpanzee.

The Community

The forest communities in this area are among the poorest and most vulnerable in the country.  Being remote from towns and other infrastructure, they are highly dependent on natural resources and have limited access to education, health and other social services.  Agriculture, artisanal mining and bushmeat hunting provide the main sources of subsistence and income.

The Forest

Liberia’s Upper Guinea forests are exceptionally diverse, with very high rates of endemism. The Gola National Forest, situated in north-west Liberia, is one of the largest remaining intact areas of seasonal dense moist evergreen and semi-deciduous forest in the whole region.