RSPB Conducts First Aid Training for SCNL Field Staff

                                       Safety first!

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSBP), through The TRIP Group, has provided a week-long first aid training for 22 SCNL staff.  The intensive and practical training began April 17-20, 2023. Mr. Adam Jent, and Mr. Alexander Williams, TRIP Group, trained on danger, airway, circulation, damage, casualty, appearance, breathing, mechanism of injury, unconscious blocked airway, conscious blocked airway, cough, check mouth, colour, temperature, capillary refill, bleeding, listening, everything, stroke, chest pain, etc.

SCNL staff learned about big and small sicknesses, and how to prioritize a real victim in time of an accident. The practical session saw lots of exercises such as checking a victim after an accident, how to bandage wounds, etc.

 After the training, Mr. Jent applauded the staff for their participation. “Some of you came in with zero knowledge of first aid experience, going through this training, you have built new knowledge of first-aid treatment. I truly appreciate your participation… Some people would have held back from people touching them during the practical, but you opened up, and I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for the coordination”.

SCNL Program Manager, Mr. Michael E. Taire, also making remarks on behalf of SCNL, appreciated RSPB and the trainers for the healthy and life-changing training and said the staff will put into practice what they have learned.  

SCNL Environmental Education Officer, Johnson Koikoi, and Hawa B. Dugbeh, Gender, and Safeguard Officer, who participated in the training, said the training was essential for the field staff.  “I will apply the concept of First Aid training in my workplace and daily life,” Koikoi said. Mrs. Dugbeh added, “The first aid training was an opportunity for me and some of my colleagues who had never been trained in such a field to have been trained. This training will enable me and my colleagues to respond quickly whenever there is an incident like an accident or injury; we will use our first aid skills to assist the victim (s)”.