UNDP Through SCNL Monitors Pisco Eco-brigade

Protecting the environment, uplifting youth from poverty

A year after UNDP through the Society for the Conservation of Nature of Liberia (SCNL), established the Piso Eco-Brigade, in RobertSport, Grand Cape Mount County, SCNL has been sustainably monitoring and re-energizing the Piso Ecobrigade. In December 2022, the monitoring was initiated with a Clean Up Campaign Exercise followed by a [one-on-one dialogue] which was educational and inspiring with the Youth Eco-brigades.

 (Kickball and Football) matches were played. On December 10, 2022, The Piso Eco-Brigade VS Mighty Scorpion played a football match and drew 1-1. The Piso Eco-brigade acknowledged the efforts of SCNL for the program that has led to most of them being empowered and also extended appreciation to UNDP for financially supporting the project.

In Greenville, Sinoe County, a Stakeholder Awareness Program was carried out to raise awareness of the importance of the environment to residents, and how they can help to safeguard the environmental media (the sea, the river, the air, and the land).

 Prior to the program, the Snokri Eco-brigade, unified in a Green T-Shirt with wordings saying, “Thanks to UNDP for affording them this opportunity to explore and conserve their environment”. Hon. Otis K. Seton, City Mayor, of Greenville, appreciated participants, especially, UNDP and SCNL for their timely intervention in helping to save the environment while empowering the youth.

Hon. Barbara Keah, Development Superintendent, Greenville, Sinoe County, who served as the guest speaker, encouraged the ‘Snokri Eco-brigade’ and the local authorities of Greenville to ensure the success of the Youth Eco-brigade Program.

 Special statements and appreciation to UNDP, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Youth and Sport, the Environmental Protection Agency, and SCNL, came from community leaders; Mr. Wilson Seaman of Gbojueaville, and Mr. Isaac Sneh of Sioneebeh Community.

SCNL also carried out routine monitoring on the ‘Gbehzohn Eco-Brigade’ in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, and observed that they’re working to ensure the environment is clean.