SCNL and EPA continue MMCRP awareness Jacob Town Community

Sharing information on social and gender dimensions of climate

On June 22, 2023, the Society for the Conservation of Nature of Liberia (SCNL) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) extended the Monrovia Metropolitan Coastal Resilience ProJet (MMCRP)continued the awareness in Jacob Town Community, Paynesville at the New Life Bible Church, St. Francis Community. The objective was to raise awareness and share information on social and gender dimensions of climate change impacts and sustainable and innovative adaptation processes as well as strategies to support ongoing awareness-raising activities. Mr. Willie Davies, UNDP, Zienu Kanneh, MMCRP Project Coordinator, and the EPA communication team Lead.

MMCRP John C. Mayson gave the introduction of the programme, and said the MMCRP is a Green Climate Fund (GCF), to the Government of Liberia (GoL), being implemented by the United Nations Development Programme in Liberia (UNDP), the Environmental Protection Agency EPA and SCNL. “The project is expected to benefit 250,000 people in the communities of West Point through the coastal defense and enhanced livelihoods; and through enhanced livelihoods and improved protection of mangrove ecosystems in the communities of Topoe Village; Plumkor and Fiamah; and Nipay Town and Jacob’s Town,” he explained.

He further stated that the coastal areas in Liberia are highly vulnerable to the consequences of climate change with a large proportion of the coastal communities living in ‘temporary and poorly’ constructed housing with little protection from rising sea levels or storm surges. “The City of Monrovia is particularly vulnerable to climate effects; these include sea level rise and the increased frequency of high-intensity storms. As a result of the climate effects coastal erosion and shoreline retreat continues to threaten the sustainability of ecosystem services, which are directly impacting the fishery-based livelihoods of approximately 55,000 local people in Monrovia, 46% of whom are women. This project seeks to build the long-term climate resilience of coastal communities in Liberia by both addressing immediate adaptation priorities and creating an enabling environment for up-scaling coastal adaptation initiatives to other parts of Monrovia and Liberia”.

The project status update was done by Abayomi Grant, one of the leads on the MMCRP. He said the potential benefits for the community, inclusive of alternative livelihood and the protection of mangroves for the betterment of the country at large. Gender Specialist, Laura Golakeh spoke on the importance of gender and social inclusion in the project. Mr. Archie Gbessayj, head of Project Focal Persons updated the Jacob Town Team on how far West Point and Fiamah and Plumkor had gone in the project development.