Youth Ecobrigade Program Launch in Buchanan and Greenville

For Immediate Release: December 9, 2022

Monrovia, Liberia – The Government of Liberia, GoL, through the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, (MoC), the Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA), and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, (MoYS), with support from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), has launched the Youth Eco-brigade program in Buchanan and Greenville.

Mr. Janjay Baikpeh, Superintendent of Grand Bassa County, who officially launched the Youth Ecobrigade Program, said it is an opportunity for the youth to be empowered while at the same time helping to clean the port City of Buchanan, and its environs.

 “We had a meeting with the UNDP representative, and we asked where they could help the youth of the county, and today, we are excited to see 60 youth empowered for the benefit of Grand Bassa County. I am encouraging each of you to take ownership of the opportunity given and make use of what you learned during the training to initiate businesses that will keep the city clean,” said Mr. Janjayz Baikpeh. “The $400.00 is a good start…you have to be an ambassador for positive change. To become an ambassador, you have to take charge of what you have, let people see your work, and keep placing you in a position of leadership. You have a greater opportunity ahead of you, so take the Youth Eco-brigade Program seriously”.

The implementing partner for the Eco-brigade, the Society for the Conservation of Nature of Liberia (SCNL), through its Executive Director, Mr. Michael F. Garbo, gave the background of the Youth Ecobrigade Program and encouraged the 120 youths participating in the program from Buchanan and Greenville to be grateful to UNDP and the Government of Liberia for the initiative.

He said the purpose of the program was to empower the young men and women to give a facelift to the two cities, calling on the local leadership and the entire citizenry of both cities to join the youths in keeping the environment clean.  

“Buchanan is a lovely city in Liberia, we have to clean it, so let’s do it together. The $400.00 you will receive isn’t pay. UNDP empowers youth with business start-up funds to help you, the youth generate an income while cleaning your city”.

Gboryonon B. Z. Williams, from the GEF Small Grants Programme urged the youth to make sure the environment is clean for healthy living. “This program is an income and livelihood alternative for you. Most times, we ask you to protect the environment, stop killing animals, etc. without providing an alternative. At UNDP, there are several programs helping to empower not only youth, but business people, and the environment. However, this program is for the youth, and we hope you make the best use of it”.

She also added that UNDP promotes a culture of engagement, where people are committed to serving their communities, promoting youth leadership for future leadership.

Samuel K. Mappy, the Coordinator/Cadet Program, on behalf of the MoYS, extended thanks to UNDP and its partners calling on the citizens, and the youth to keep cleaning and maintaining the city because only through collective means can the city’s image be changed for the better.  

In Greenville, Barbara M. Keah, the Assistant Superintendent, Sinoe County, and Mr. Otis Seton, City Mayor, Greenville extended their warmest appreciation to UNDP, the Government of Liberia and SCNL for empowering 60 youth in Sinoe County. Ms. Keah, who launched the Ecobrigade Program, promised to work along with the youth for the improvement of Greenville.

Last month, 120 Youth Eco-brigades were selected in Buchanan, Grand Bassa, and Sinoe Counties. The Youth Eco-brigade in Sinoe County is named: ‘Snokrol Ecobrigades’ meaning “Inside Here We Live”, while the Youth Ecobrigades in Grand Bassa County is ‘Gbehzohn Eco-brigade’.

Eco-brigades are vulnerable youth volunteers empowered to initiate livelihood and income activities that generate an income while protecting and conserving the environment and natural resources in a bid to ensure the country builds back its economy better through youth-driven green recovery initiatives such as providing environmental sanitation services or eco-tourism.

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