SCNL And REDD+ Visit Elephant Falls
Exploring nature in Western Liberia

In continuation of branding the Elephant Falls to international partners and tourists through an exchange of information between visitors and non-visitors, the National Coordinator of REDD+, Saah A. David, along with a team from SCNL visited Gola Forest National Park to showcase the ‘wonders and beauties’ of the Elephant Falls that consists of wildlife, and a beautiful landscape.

 Meeting with community dwellers in Camp Israel, (a community closer to the Elephant Falls), REDD+ National Coordinator said REDD provides livelihood support to communities to help protect the forest against illegal activities. In response, the town chief, Abraham Samah, welcomed the guests and appreciated SCNL and REDD+ for protecting the forest, and communities.

The team went hiking along the Mano River to observe the different attractions of the park, and toured the different sites of the Elephant Falls, with an explanation from the SCNL’s team on how to engage the fall with care as it is very steep.

Being one of Liberia’s most beautiful places to visit, tourists visiting the site have continued to give positive feedback about the wonder of the fall, as well as its potential for being a number one eco-tourism destination in Liberia and recommendation for services. The elephant falls are the real face of the Gola ecosystem. It possesses the natural beauty that supports eco-tourism ventures. It is the biggest waterfalls found in the Gola Forest National Park (GFNP) that connects Gola with nature.

 In September, 20202, the Forestry Development Authority (FDA), and the Society for the Conservation of Nature of Liberia (SCNL) met with the local leaders of the Sokpo clan, Grand Cape Mount County where a memorandum (MOU) of understanding was signed declaring their willingness of working with SCNL and FDA to have the Elephant Falls as an eco-tourism site.

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