SCNL conducts two days training workshop for Artisanal and Small Scale Miners in communities around the Gola Forest Nature Park.

SCNL with funding from the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) concludes two days training for FDA Rangers, Ministry of Mines and Energy Field Agents, ASM Ecoguards and Community leaders within the Sorkpo and Mana Clan in Tahn, the district headquarter of Gola Konneh in Grand Capemount County.

The training brought together 35 participants from the mining sector across 7 communities around the Gola Forest National Park and the Gola Konneh Community Forest in other to strengthen sectorial coordination on sustainable mining, the protection of the Gola Forest landscape from illicit mining as well as support for alternative livelihood for community dwellers around the Gola Forest national Park in Grand Cape Mount.

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