Society for the Conservation of Nature of Liberia


Background The Society for the Conservation of Nature of Liberia (SCNL) was established in 1986 in response to the Liberian Business Law of 1976 for non-for-profit organizations with Business Registration Number: 051185951. The organization is a nongovernmental, non political and non for profit agency.

The SCNL as the Lead National Civil Society Organization for nature conservation, has the mandate to educate, encourage and assist civil society understand the need and patterns to conserving nature, build consensus on effective management of biodiversity through ensuring the use of natural resources is sustainable and that biodiversity is effectively managed and appropriately utilized.

The SCNL also maintains a membership base as part of efforts to increasing voices for nature conservation in Liberia as well within the West African Sub Region through sustainable partnerships. As part of activities of the SCNL each year an Annual General Assembly(AGA) is hosted in order to deliberate on issues around nature conservation including review of related policy issues and the advancement and sustainable way forward for the organization.

We ensure that biodiversity is effectively managed and wisely used.

We educate, encourage and assist the public to understand the need to conserve nature, build consensus on the effective management of biodiversity, and to ensure that the use of natural resources is sustainable.

  • Increase institutional capacity for effective management of biodiversity.
  • Strengthen community structures in providing basic information on the threats, use of other renewable natural resources and biodiversity
  • Increase advocacy for the creation of additional protected areas.
  • Increase alternatives livelihood opportunities for communities around Protected and potential conservation areas
  • Heighten public awareness on the socio, economic, environmental, aesthetic and cultural values of natural resources.